Ella is 7 months old!

13 Dec

As I was looking today at my calendar to determine how old Ella is now, and realizing she is 7 MONTHS OLD, I realized it had been a long time since I blogged about her progress.

Adolescence has set in, though, all in all, I consider it a pretty mild adolescent phase. (Knock on wood – I probably just jinxed myself.) While there are times that she will give me a very blank look of noncomprehension, overall she continues to be very food motivated and very eager to learn. We have built an excellent bond between the two of us and I am quite proud of her accomplishments.

Things that are new and different:

I now allow Ella to sleep in my bed sometimes. She’s far past the time when she might have an accident overnight and she loves to sleep in my bed. She used to run directly for her crate and settle in. Now, she runs to my side of the bed – hoping that maybe it might be a night when she is allowed to sleep with us. She gets hot in our bed and is not an under the covers dog. She prefers to sleep in between Don & myself on top of the covers, somehow always managing to steal the covers! 🙂

She is still continuing to attend playgroups 2-3 times a week. As well, she usually has a date once a week with her “boyfriend” Rex, my trainer’s rat terrier. They have a lot of fun together and she enjoys playing with him. We also get together when we can with her BFF, Abby the Corgi. I do believe this pup has far more of a social life than I do! I haven’t missed a beat since Ella was 8 weeks old regarding playgroups and training. I am enjoying reveling in her success. She’s a well-rounded, happy puppy who likes everyone, can go anywhere, do anything and adjusts to new situations before you can blink – SWEET SUCCESS!!

Well, except for the holding onto floppy faces…

Ella does like to tooth gnash with other dogs/puppies. She’s very much a terrier in that regard and sometimes likes to hold on to ears or cheeks of other dogs. We are correcting her consistently for this, saying “out!”, as she knows that means to drop whatever is in her mouth. Sometimes this is more effective than other times. We also time her out for this behavior, which seems to help as well. She never hurts another dog or puppy. However, it certainly isn’t a desirable behavior and one we are trying to work on extinguishing. I guess if that’s my worst problem with her, then we aren’t doing too bad at all!

Things we have learned:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Sit-Stay
  • Down-Stay
  • Stand
  • Settle
  • Roll Over
  • Paw & Other Paw
  • Touch
  • Hit it (the Staples Easy Button)
  • Back (back up)
  • Quick Drop/Distance Drop (stationary)
  • The basics of Nose Work
  • Recall
  • Recall over a jump
  • Recalls with fake out words
  • Recalls over a jump with fake out words
  • Formal Recall with finish
  • Dead Dog (still working on this)
  • Crawl (still working on this)
  • Hoop
  • Jump (over a jump)
  • Paws up on a skateboard
  • Take a bow (still working on this)
  • Dance
  • Spin
  • Close (heel)
  • Out (to drop something from her mouth)
  • Take it (to take something with her mouth)
  • Sitting politely for greeting/petting
  • Sudden stop
  • Come front (to sit directly in front of me)
  • Finish (move into heel position on my left side)
  • Find me!
  • Wait (wait for a treat in my hand or on the floor & walking through doorways)
  • Leave it!
  • Place (to get up on a raised dog bed)
  • Place-Stay (to stay on the raised dog bed)
  • Watch me!
  • Tunnel (still working on)
  • Pushing a skateboard (still working on)

At the end of January, we are going to a Rally Seminar, which will introduce us both to Rally, AKC and APDT and we will begin working on those specific exercises.

We are also hoping to find a local agility class that we can try out.

We will continue Nose Work games and hopefully will be able to start scenting with birch next.

All in all, we have a LOT we have learned and as I look at this list, I feel very proud of Miss Ella Mae Lovely. She’s a fantastic little girl and we have much fun together!

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