About Us

Terrier lover. Thinker. Reader. Raw feeder. Wannabe dog trainer.

My terriers:
Jenny, 8 yo – The Old Battle Axe
Clare, 2 yo – The Diva
Aengus, 2 yo – The Kisser
Maeve, 1 yo – The Peanut
Tara, 1 yo – The Queen
Ella Mae, 4 months old – The Rock Star

My rescue:
Abbie, approximately 4 years old – The Hugger

My idols:
Patricia McConnell, Jean Donaldson, Ian Dunbar, Karen Pyror.

My Pet Peeves:
Cesar Millan.
Watching a dog get yanked around on leash while on a walk.
“Don’t they get confused about what food is theirs?!”
“That one [dog/pup] is aggressive!”
“They [Jack Russells] are so hyper – but you know, you own them!”
My youngest human child leaving the Oreos half open. Soft Oreos suck.


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